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Distilling the Essence of Contacting

December 26, 2018  Mr. Bill Blakemore, Senior AZTech Consultant

Delegates who attended AZTech’s training programme “The Essentials of Contracting” last week, explored the breadth of key topics in the field of making, changing and ending contracts – subjects of importance to the petroleum industry. The training course, which started on Sunday at the Hilton Hotel, Al Habtoor City in Dubai, was attended by oil… Read More

Develop your Entrepreneurial and Innovation Skills!

December 17, 2018  Mrs Lydia Hirst, Senior AZTech Consultant

Managers and leaders who are asked to think outside the box, are being challenged to think differently. In a world of rapid change, most problems at senior level are multi-variate and complex. The first challenge is to identify what the problem is and then to find different tools and techniques to seek solutions. Here in… Read More

The Importance of Negotiating Contracts which will be Implemented Effectively

November 20, 2018  Mr. Niel Farnworth, Senior AZTech Consultant

Do we negotiate to strike a deal, or do we want a sustainable outcome which will be achieved through effective implementation after the deal is done? AZTech Training is currently running the negotiating and dispute resolutions course at the Hilton Al Habtoor hotel in Dubai.  The presenter was asked this question during the first day… Read More

Sustainable Leadership

November 6, 2018  By Rodger H. Pyrah, Senior AZTech Consultant

Let us start with two specific and inter-related definitions regarding Sustainable Leadership. Corporate Sustainability is a commitment over the long term to changing the world in which we live. Leadership Sustainability is a lasting and robust commitment to personal change. This is important as it shows the inter-relationship necessary for the future well being of… Read More

How Do We Make Sure that We are Leveraging the Efforts of our Project Resources Effectively?

October 30, 2018  

How do we make sure that we are leveraging the efforts of our project resources effectively? Are we performing the correct projects? Can we be sure that the outputs of our projects will result in the outcomes that we need to achieve in order to grow our business? Even if we are sure of this,… Read More

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